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Carrifee Reporting Services is a court reporting firm that specializes in amazingly accurate legal documents and exceptional support services. Our reporting firm gives our clients personal attention that eases their caseload and paves the way for their success.

Carrifee Reporting provides top notch customer service, and we’re looking for talented legal professionals to join our team. If you’re an elite freelance court reporter or freelance litigation support specialist in Texas, we want to hear from you!

About Carrifee Reporting Services

Denise Carrifee began Carifee Reporting Services over 30 years ago. While our office is located in Tyler, TX, courtroom reporters and litigation support specialists from all over the state of Texas enjoy the freedom and flexibility of working with Carrifee.

Because we’re owned and operated by a fully licensed court reporter, we are able to understand the unique needs each court reporting job requires. We match each job to the court reporter’s unique skill set, experience and licensing.

When you get a courtroom reporter job from Carrifee, you know that you'll be the perfect fit for it!

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